Timshel (company)

Timshel is a privately held data service startup company run by Michael Slaby . Slaby was formally involved in the digital initiative of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Timshel has around 50 employees in Chicago and New York . [1]

Timshel utilizes “personalized digital engagement” [2] and was part of a “broader strategy by the Clinton campaign to look at all the ways that have been interacting with its potential supporters and made sure they are coordinated”. [2] The company analyzed information such as email addresses, door knockers, social media data and other information. The company helped the campaign come together in a way that the campaign staff use. [2]

As of April 2016, Timshel has approximately 20 clients, including the UN Refugee Agency (USA for UNHCR) and Fabretto, a US nonprofit that serves children in Nicaragua . [1]

In October 2016, the company was listed as 1 of “7 Startups Today’s Presidential Candidates Can not Campaign Without” by Inc. Magazine. [3]

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