Synqera is a technology software company, providing a service for personalizing of retail. The company is headquartered in Saint Petersburg , Russia .


Synqera was founded in 2010 by Kirill Gorynya and Filipp Shubin in Saint Petersburg , Russia. Its first product, Simplate device, was announced in 2012 at the exhibition cards in Pariswhere it was nominated for the Sesames award in the e-transactions nomination. [1] In 2013 Synqera was listed as a major new technology announcement at Retail’s BIG Show 2013. [2]A second payment in the Payment Innovator Startup Awards in Berlin . In March 2013 Synqera opened a branch in New York City.

In June 2013 Synqera announced a pilot project with retail chain Ulybka Radugi. [3]

Technology and products

Synqera software uses retail big data analysis. It matches targeted messages with customer profiles, shopping history, real-time shopping environments, and customer mood detected by facial recognition technology. [4]

It supports special offers, coupons, loyalty program benefits and product promotions through channels including in-store devices, mobile apps, text messages, e-mail and customized website content. The content and campaign is managed via a web-based back-interface. It evaluates customer responses to content and accumulates statistics of interaction.

Among the in-store devices using the Synqera software platform are:

  • Simplate [5] – the proprietary NFC -enabled customer display with embedded touch-screen, camera and microphone. Visualizes targeted content in the customer checkout process.
  • Synqera Loyalty Generator – a compact printer with an integrated touch-screen and a card-reader delivering customized shopping lists, recipes and store maps at the store entrance. The hardware part is developed by Star Micronics .


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