Simulation governance

Governance is a managerial function concerned with assurance of reliability of information generated by numerical simulation . The term was introduced in 2011 [1] and specific technical requirements were addressed from the perspective of mechanical design in 2012 [2] . Its strategic importance was addressed in 2015 [3] [4] . At the 2017 NAFEMS World Congress in Stockholm has been identified as the first of eight ” big issues ” in numerical simulation .

Simulation governance is concerned with (a) selection and adoption of the best available simulation technology, (b) formulation of mathematical models , (c) management of experimental data, (d) data and solution verification procedures, and (e) revision of mathematical models in the light of new information collected from physical experiments and field observations [5] .

A map for simulation governance Has to be tailored to fit the task of Each organization or department Within an organization: If That task is to apply Established rules of design and certification Then emphasis is on solution verification and standardization . If, on the other hand, that mission is to formulate design rules, or make condition-based maintenance decisions, then verification, validation and uncertainty quantification must be part of the plan.


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