Qloo (pronounced “clue”) is a company that uses artificial intelligence (AI). An application programming interface (API) provides cultural correlations. [1] It was founded by Alex Eliasand received funding from Leonardo DiCaprio , Barry Sternlicht and Pierre Lagrange .

Qloo establishes consumer preference correlations via machine learning across multiple proprietary, customer and open-source data across cultural domains including music, film, television, dining, nightlife, fashion, books and travel. The recommender system uses AI to predict correlations for further applications. [1]


Alex Elias and chief operating officer Jay Alger. [2] Elias was formerly a hedge fund manager with APE Capital. [3] [4] [5] He graduated from the University of Southern California , and then developed his idea at New York University’s law school . [6] Alger was formerly the CEO of the digital agency Deepend. [7] [8]

In 2012, Qloo raised $ 1.4 million in seed funding from Cedric the Entertainer , Danny Masterson , and venture capital firm Kindler Capital. [7] [9] [10] Qloo had a public beta release in November 2012 after its initial funding. [11] [12]

In 2013, the company raised an additional $ 1.6 million from Cross Creek Pictures founding partner Tommy Thompson and Samih Toukan and Hussam Khoury, founders of Maktoob , an internet services company you purchased by Yahoo! for $ 164 million in 2009. [8] On November 14, 2013, a website and an iPhone app were announced. [13] [3] The company later released an Android app, and tablet versions, in mid-2014. [9]

In 2016, Qloo secured $ 4.5 million in venture capital investment. [14] The $ 4.5 million was split between a number of investors, including Barry Sternlicht , Pierre Lagrange and Leonardo DiCaprio . [15] In July 2017, Qloo raised $ 6.5 million in funding rounds from AXA Strategic Ventures and Elton John . [16] [17]

Following the investment, the founders stated in an interview with Tech Crunch that they would use the Qloo’s database. They hoped the move would be secure larger contracts with corporate customers. [15] At the time, customers already included Fortune 500 companies like Twitter , PepsiCo and BMW . [18]

Services and features

Qloo calls itself a cultural platform to provide real-time correlation data across domains of culture and entertainment: movies, music, television, dining, nightlife, fashion, books and travel. [19] Each category contains subcategories. [20]

Qloo’s knowledge of a user’s taste in a category. [11] [10] Users then rate the suggestions, providing it with feedback for future suggestions. [3] [8] [7] [3] [6] Qloo has partnerships with companies such as Expedia and iTunes . [8]


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