NoSQLz is a consistent key-value for the large data store ( NoSQL database) for z / OS IBM systems. [1] It was developed by Thierry Falissard in 2013. The purpose is to provide a low-cost alternative to all proprietary mainframe DBMS (version 1 is free software ).

Distinctive Features

NoSQLz only provides basic Create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) functions. It is designed to be very straightforward and easy to implement.

ACID properties are provided, as well as “real transactions”, through optimistic concurrency control , timestamp-based concurrency control and multiversion concurrency control (MVCC).


Unlike version 1, version 2 of NoSQL is loadable and supports IBM Parallel Sysplex . The NoSQLz DBMS can be interfaced in Rexx , Cobol , IBM High Level Assembler , etc.


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