Medopad Ltd is a British healthcare technology company based in London, UK. It also has offices in Singapore and Munich. It produces applications that integrate data from existing hospital databases and other mobile devices and securely transmits it for use by doctors. [1] [2]



Medopad allows hospitals to pool their patient data into a single platform so it can be served to doctors’ mobile devices in real-time. [3] [4] Healthcare professionals can secure access to lab results, images, clinical notes, and primary care data via iPads and other mobile devices. [5] In November 2013, Medopad became the first enterprise-class mobile health information system to receive this approval. [6]

Some of the clinical applications that Medopad include editing patient records by voice recognition or typing, scheduling, lab results, image viewing including X-rays and CT scans, electronic support documents, taking and sending photos, video conferencing, primary records, transmitting real- time vital signs, collecting and managing demographic details and touch, Apple HealthKit integration, and arbitration system to fate and prioritizes patients, hospital admission, and access to more integrated into third party applications through the Clinical Medopad App Store. [1]

Carl Reynolds, head of the UK’s Open Health Care told New Scientist that it would work better than other systems. Medopad will cost hospitals between £ 50 and £ 90 per month per user license. [1]


In April 2015, Medopad launched a chemotherapy application for cancer patient monitoring specifically designed for the Apple Watch . [7] [8] [9] [10]


Some of Medopad’s Institutional Investors are Healthbox and Sandbox Industries . [11] [12] Lord Howard Flight and Tony Brown, Non-Executive Director of the NHS both. [13]


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