Lucidworks is a San Francisco, California -based enterprise search technology company offering an application development platform, commercial support, consulting, training and value-add software for open source. Apache Lucene and Apache Solr . Lucidworks is a private company founded in 2007 as Lucid Imagination and Publicly lancé on January 26, 2009. The company Was renamed to Lucidworks on August 8, 2012. [1] The company received Series A funding from Granite Ventures and Walden International in September 2008 ; In-Q-Telis a strategic investor. In August 2014, Lucidworks closed an $ 8 million Series C round with Shasta Ventures, Granite Ventures and Walden International participating. [2] In November 2015, Lucidworks closed a $ 21 million Series D round with Allegis Capital, and existing investors Shasta Ventures and Granite Ventures participating. [3]

The company follows a Professional Open Source model to target organisms Evaluating gold already using the Apache Lucene / open source search platform for search applications Their Solr. Lucene and Solr, which include additional utilities, bug fixes, and performance enhancements. Apache Lucene and Solr originally established a following without commercial support; however, as the market adoption for commercially supported open source grows, [4] [5]enterprise search application developers have sought these models for these applications as well. Lucidworks is the primary commercial steward for the Solr project employing one-third of the project’s committers and contributing 70% of the code in addition to producing the Lucene / Solr Revolution conference. [6]

Marc Krellenstein, The Lucidworks Founding Technical Team of Marc Krellenstein, Grant Ingersoll, Erik Hatcher, and Yonik Seeley, advisor to Doug Cutting .

Business model

Lucidworks partially operates on a professional open-source business model based on open code , development within a community, professional quality assurance , and subscription-based customer support . They produce open-source code, more programmers can make further adaptations and improvements.

Lucidworks sells subscriptions for the support, training, and integration services that help customers in using open-source software. Customers can buy support in the following ways.

On September 18, 2014, Lucidworks released Lucidworks Fusion, a platform for building enterprise search applications with Apache Lucene / Solr. [7] [8]

On May 10, 2017, Lucidworks announced its acquisition of Twigkit, a software company specializing in user experiences for search and big data applications. [9]


  • Finalist for the 2010 Red Herring 100 North America Award [10]
  • Lucid Imagination Congratulates Apache Solr on InfoWorld Bossie Award Win [11]
  • Winner, InfoWorld 2017 Technology of the Year [12]


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