Groundhog Technologies

Groundhog Technologies is a privately held company founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. As a spin-off of MIT Media Lab , [1] [2] it was a semi-finalist in MIT’s $ 50k Entrepreneurship Competition in 2000 and was incorporated the following year. [3] [4] The company received the first round of financing from major Japanese corporations and Their venture capital arms in November 2002, Marubeni , Yasuda Enterprise Development and Japan Asia Investment Co. [5] [6] It received second round of financing in 2004 and since then has become self-sustainable. [7]

The Mobility Intelligence Platform, which analyzes the locations, Quality of Experience , [8] context, and lifestyles of subscribers in the mobile operator’s network. [9] The intelligence about geolocation is then applied to improve subscribers’ experience [10] and enable applications such as geomarketing and geotargeting . The Company leveraged HAS icts platform to enable operators to address the advertising and data monetization opportunity Both internally and in partnership with third party retailers, Advertisers, and ad networks. [11]

Core Technologies

Groundhog Technologies launched its Mobility Intelligence platform based on Chaos Theory and multi-dimensional modeling. The application of Chaos Theory gives rise to the company’s mathematical models of subscribers’ mobility and usage behavior, [12] which can be used for different applications. [13]

Human moving pattern in phase space

According to Chaos Theory, some seemingly random or chaotic signals may be converted to analyze in which space can reveal the patterns behind it. The boxes of most interest arise when the chaotic behavior shows patterns around an attractor in the space. Based on the time in the phase space, data can be used from different space, time, and individuals for modeling and indoor geolocation.

It is also possible that the structure and characteristics of this phase can be naturally neutralized by the bias of positioning (based on such techniques as triangulation or trilateration). That is, each one is biased in some way, the observation of different dimensions and angles are biased in different ways. Combining multi-dimensional space in the input stage, based on the Law of Large Numbers it can average out the bias with different samples through dimensions, time, and Individuals. [14]

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