GIS United

GIS United (GU / GIS Utd) is a union of GIS specialists who have a variety of backgrounds such as business administration, public administration, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, statistics, urban engineering, architecture, historical studies, literature, art, etc. As a consulting firm to analyze Geo-spatial Big data specializes headquartered in Mapo Seogyo, Seoul, South Korea .


GIS United is committed to enabling customers to answer complex questions in a wide variety of domains: Business Management & Marketing Strategy, Real Estate Property Analysis, Sustainable Growth & Economic Development, Urban Revitalization, Public Policy, Cultural Resources Management, Election & Politic Issues and Media & Journalism, etc.


  • Geo-spatial Big Data Strategy Map for Public Policy , GIS United | The Soup | 2014.06.30


  • Korea Culture & Tourism Institute, “GIS Analysis for Tourism Innovation Strategies” (2014)
  • Dobong-Gu Office, “Developing GIS Policy Map for Design Policy Project” (2014)
  • Korea Institute of Energy Research, “Research of Solar Energy in South Korea using ArcGIS Program, Korea Institute of Energy Research” (2014)
  • Davich Optical Chain, “CRM System Developing” (2014)
  • Samsung C & T Engineering & Construction Group, “Quarterly Trend of Commercial Retail Reporting” (2014)
  • Korea Cadastral Survey Corporation, “Big Data Strategy for LX Project” (2014)
  • Urban Management Institute, Site Selection Research for Laboratory Testing (2014)
  • BC Co., Ltd., “Target Marketing Consulting for Dong-Busan Lotte Mall Based on Big Data Analysis” (2014)
  • BC Co., Ltd., “Social Indicator Survey based on Seongbuk-gu City using Big Data Analysis” (2014)
  • Dobong-Gu Office, “Designing a 2013 Policy Map using GIS” (2013)
  • SAMOO Architects & Engineers, “Designing a Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Workplace Status of the White Paper” (2013)
  • E-Yeon FnC, “E-Yeon FnC Franchise Strategy Consulting Based on Big Data Analysis” (2013)
  • BC Co., Ltd., “Apple Plaza at Bundang Site Analysis for Space Design” (2013)
  • Won Soon Park Election Camp, “2014 Seoul Special City Mayor Election” (2013)