Data Shadows

Data Shadows is the information that an individual unintentionally leaves behind. This information is then used by organizations and servers. [1] [2] [ full citation needed ] This information is a vastly detailed record of an individual’s everyday life, which includes the individual’s thoughts and interests, their communication and work information, the information about the organizations that they interact with. so forth. [1] The concept of data shadow is closely linked with Data footprints and Dataveillance . Data footprints and shadows produces information that has been dispersed to a dozen of organizations and servers. [3] [full quote needed ]

Data footprint

Data footprints can be defined by various activities, communication information, transactions and so forth.


Dataveillance is defined as the mode of monitoring which tracks, monitors or regulates an individual through the use of digital activities. [3]


There are a lot of privacy with Dataveillance and Data shadows.


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