Cloudera Inc. is a United States -based software company that provides Apache Hadoop -based software, support and services, and training to business customers.

Cloudera’s open-source Apache Hadoop distribution, CDH (Cloudera Distribution Including Apache Hadoop), targets enterprise-class deployments of that technology. Apache-licensed open source projects (Apache Hive, Avache Apache, Apache HBase , and so on) that combines to form the Hadoop platform. Cloudera is also a sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation . [2]


Three engineers from Google , Yahoo and Facebook ( Christophe Bisciglia , Amr Awadallah and Jeff Hammerbacher , respectively) joined Oracle Executive (Mike Olson) to form Cloudera in 2008. [3] Olson was the CEO of Sleepycat Software , the creator of the open-source embedded database Berkeley DB (acquired by Oracle in 2006). Awadallah was from Yahoo , where he ran one of the first business units using Hadoop for data analysis. [4]At Facebook Hammerbacher used Hadoop for building analytic applications involving massive volumes of user data. [5]

Architect Doug Cutting , also a chairman of the Apache Software Foundation , authored the open-source Lucene and Nutch search technologies before writing the original Hadoop software in 2004. He designed and managed a Hadoop storage and analysis cluster at Yahoo! before joining Cloudera in 2009. Chief operating officer was Kirk Dunn. [6]

In March 2009, Cloudera announced the availability of Cloudera Distribution Including Apache Hadoop in conjunction with a $ 5 million investment led by Accel Partners . [7] In 2011, the company raised $ 40 million from Ignition Partners , Accel Partners , Greylock Partners , Meritech Capital Partners , and In-Q-Tel , a venture capital firm with open connections to the CIA . [8]

In June 2013 Tom Reilly became chief executive, while Olson remained chairman of the board and chief strategist. Reilly was chief executive at ArcSight when it was acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 2010. [9] In March 2014 Cloudera announced a $ 900 million funding round, led by Intel Capital ($ 740 million), for which Intel received 18% share in Cloudera and Intel released its own Hadoop distributed and dedicated 70 Intel engineers to work exclusively on Cloudera projects. With additional funds coming from Rowe Price, Google Ventures and an affiliate of MSD Capital, LP, the private investment firm for Michael S. Dell. and others. [10]

In January 2012 Oracle Corporation announced a partnership with Cloudera for its Oracle Big Data Appliance . [11] In January 2013 Dell announced a partnership with Cloudera. [12] In March 2013 Intel invested $ 740 million in Cloudera for an 18% investment. [13] In May 2013 SAS Institute announced a partnership. [14] In June 2014 Accenture announced a service offering based on Cloudera. [15] In June 2014 Cloudera acquired Gazzang, which developed encryption and key management software. [16] In October 2014 Cloudera announces the firstPayment Card Industry Standard Data Security (PCI) Hadoop distribution with MasterCard . [17] In February 2015 Deloitteannounced an alliance with Cloudera. [18] In May 2015 Capgemini announced a marketing program for SAP HANA and Cloudera. [19] In July 9, 2015 Cloudera announced a partnership with Teradata . [20] In September 2015 Cloudera announced the Kudu file format. [21] In September 2015 Microsoft Azure announced full support of Cloudera Enterprise. [22]

In January 2016 Tata Consultancy Services annoncé year Internet of Things framework is based Cloudera for sensor data analytics. [23] In February 2016 EMC announces evolution in advanced storage with DSSD support for Cloudera [24]

In 2016, Cloudera was ranked # 5 on the Forbes Cloud 100 list. [25]

Cloudera filed for an initial public offering in March 2017, [26] and on April 28, 2017, its shares were listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CLDR. [27]

Products and services

Cloudera offers software, services and support in three bundles:

  • Cloudera Enterprise includes CDH and annual subscription license (per node) to Cloudera Manager and technical support. It comes in three editions: Basic, Flex, and Data Hub.
  • Cloudera Express includes CDH and a version of Cloudera Manager lacking enterprise features as well as rolling upgrades and backup / disaster recovery, LDAP and SNMP integration.
  • CDH can be downloaded from Cloudera’s website at no charge, but with no technical support nor Cloudera Manager.
  • Cloudera Navigator – provides data governance for Hadoop, providing capabilities such as data discovery, continuous optimization, auditing, lineage, metadata management, and policy enforcement. As part of Cloudera Enterprise, Cloudera Navigator helps meet regulatory compliance requirements. [28]
  • Cloudera Navigator Optimizer (beta) – Software as a tool for providing insights into workloads and recommend optimization strategies. [29]

CDH contains the main components of Hadoop that provide reliable, scalable distributed data processing of large data sets (chiefly MapReduce and HDFS), as well as other enterprise-oriented components that provide security, high availability, and integration with hardware and other software . [30]

In October 2012, Cloudera announced the Cloudera Impala project, an open-source distributed query engine for Apache Hadoop. [31]


  • In April 2010, Chief Scientist Jeff Hammerbacher was named “Best Young Entrepreneur Tech” by Bloomberg BusinessWeek. [32]
  • In June 2012, received Morgan Stanley’s “CTO Award for Innovation”. [33]
  • In August 2012, CRN named Cloudera among “The 25 Coolest Emerging Vendors For 2012”. [34]


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