Zaloni, Inc. is privately owned, software, and services company headquartered in Durham, North Carolina . Zaloni provides data management software and solutions for big data scale-out architectures, such as Apache Hadoop , Amazon S3 . The company focuses on management of data lakes with 2 products: Bedrock and Mica. [2]


VoloMetrix, Inc. is an American subsidiary of Microsoft based in Seattle, Washington . VoloMetrix sells people analytics software that combines data from collaboration platforms to create data visualizations and dashboards . At the end of April 2013, the company raised $ 3.3M in series A funding from Shasta Ventures . [2] In October 2014, VoloMetrix announced a round of funding with Shasta Ventures and Split Rock Partners that raised $ 12M. [3] In September 2015, Microsoft announced that they… More →


TubeMogul is an enterprise software company for brand advertising. [3] TubeMogul is headquartered in Emeryville, California and has global offices located in Chengdu (China), Chicago, Detroit, Kiev, New York, London, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Paris, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney, Toronto, and Tokyo. [2]


Hod HaSharon , Israel, and offices in New York and Singapore, ThetaRay is a cyber security and big data analytics company . The company provides a platform for the detection of unknown threat and risks to protect critical infrastructure [1] and financial services. The platform is also used to uncover unknown opportunities based on big data. [2] The company uses patented mathematical algorithms developed by the company founders. [3]


Teradata Corporation is a provider of database- products and services. The company was formed in 1979 in Brentwood, California , as a collaboration between researchers at Caltech and Citibank’s advanced technology group. [2] The company was acquired by NCR Corporation in 1991, and subsequently spun-off as an independent public company on October 1, 2007.


Talend ( Pronunciation: TAL-end ) is a software integration vendor. The company provides big data , cloud storage , data integration , data management , master data management , data quality , data preparation and enterprise application integration software and services. [1] The company is headquartered in Redwood City, California . [2]

Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is a cloud-based log management and analytics service that leverages machine-generated data to deliver real-time IT insights. [1] Headquartered in Redwood City , California , Sumo Logic was founded in April 2010 by ArcSight veterans Kumar Saurabh and Christian Beedgen, and Accident Partners , DFJ Growth , Greylock Partners , Institutional Venture Partners , Sequoia Capital , Sutter Hill Venturesand angel investor Shlomo Kramer . [2] While Sumo Logic Remained in stealth fashion for two years, it unveiled icts cloud-based log management platform with Series B funding of $ 15 million in January 2012. [1] The round of Series E funding… More →


Sojern is a provider of a data-driven traveler that uses programmatic buying and learning technology. [1] [2] Sojerns, OTAs , OTAs , to collect anonymized (non-personally identifiable) travelers based on these sites. [2] [3] The company uses this data to target travelers and deliver advertising across a number of media channels. [1] [3] Sojern is currently headquartered in San Francisco, with key offices in New York, Omaha, Dubai, Singapore, London and Dublin.[1] [4]

Sense Networks

Sense Networks is a New York City based company with a focus on applications that analyze data from mobile phones , carrier networks , and taxicabs , particularly by using machine learning technology to make large data of location (latitude / longitude) data. [1] [2] [3] [4]

Semantic Research

Semantic Research, Inc. is a privately held software company headquartered in San Diego, California with flagship offices in Washington, DC and Tampa, FL . Semantic Research (not to be confused with Symantec ), is a California C-corporation that offers patented, graph-based knowledge discovery, analysis and visualization software technology. [1] [2] Its most popular product is a link analysis software application called SEMANTICA Pro.


SalesforceIQ (formerly RelateIQ), a subsidiary of , is an American enterprise software company based in Palo Alto, California . The company’s software is a relationship intelligence platform that combines data from email systems, smartphone calls, and enhancements to augment or replace standard relationship management tools or database solutions. It scans “about 10,000 emails, calendar entries, and other data points per minute at first run”. [1]

Rocket U2

Rocket U2 is a suite of database management (DBMS) and supporting software now owned by Rocket Software . It includes two MultiValue database platforms: UniData and UniVerse . [1] Both of These products are operating environments qui current run is Unix , Linux and Windows operating systems . [2] [3] They are both derivatives of the Pick operating system . [4]The family also includes developerand web-enabling technologies including SystemBuilder / SB + , SB / XA , U2 Web Development Environment (WebDE), UniObjects and wIntegrate . [1]

Quid Inc.

Quid, Inc. is a private software and services company, specializing in text-based data analysis. Quid software can read millions of documents (eg news articles, blog posts, company profiles, and patents) and offers insight by organizing that content visually. [2]


Qloo (pronounced “clue”) is a company that uses artificial intelligence (AI). An application programming interface (API) provides cultural correlations. [1] It was founded by Alex Eliasand received funding from Leonardo DiCaprio , Barry Sternlicht and Pierre Lagrange .

Premise (company)

Premise is an American data company that tracks alternative economic indicators, such as local produce prices, and aggregates insights on consumption and inflation to governments and financial institutions. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] Co-founders David Soloff and Joe Reisinger previously cam from MetaMarkets, an online advertising analytics company co-founded by Soloff. [6]

Palantir Technologies

Palantir Technologies is a private American software and services company which specializes in big data analysis . Headquartered in Palo Alto, California , Palantir Gotham and Palantir Metropolis. Palantir Gotham is used by counter-terrorism analysts at offices in the United States Intelligence Community (USIC) and United States Department of Defense , fraud investigators at the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board , and cyber analysts at Information Warfare Monitor, while Palantir Metropolis is used by hedge funds, banks, and financial… More →

Ninja Metrics

Ninja Metrics, Inc. is a Social analytics and data based company based in Manhattan Beach, California . Its primary service measures social influence and provides predictive analytics for web and mobile applications .


Medopad Ltd is a British healthcare technology company based in London, UK. It also has offices in Singapore and Munich. It produces applications that integrate data from existing hospital databases and other mobile devices and securely transmits it for use by doctors. [1] [2]


Medio is a business-to-business mobile analytics provider based in Seattle , WA. The company processes pre-existing data [2] to provide historic and predictive analytics . Medio is built on a cloud-based [3] Hadoop platform and is designed to interpret big data for mobile enterprise. Medio has had various partners including: IBM , Rovio , [4] Verizon , T-Mobile , [5]ABC , and Disney [6]

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Cask Data , dba ‘Cask’, is a privately held information technology company, established in 2011, with its headquarters located in Palo Alto, California . It provides software and services that enable broad, data-intensive enterprises – such as Thomson Reuters [1] – and many other diverse clients to accelerate their ability to extract value from their big data investments.


MarkLogic Corporation is an American software business that develops and provides an enterprise NoSQL database, also named MarkLogic . The company was founded in 2001 and is based in San Carlos , California . MarkLogic is privately held with over 500 employees and has offices throughout the United States , Europe , Asia , and Australia .


MapR Technologies, Inc. is an enterprise software company headquartered in Santa Clara, California . MapR overall Provides access to a wide variety of data sources from a single cluster, Including big data workloads Such As Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark , a distributed file system, a multi-model database management system , and event streaming. Combining analytics in real-time with operational applications, its technology runs on both commodity hardware and public cloud computing services.

HPCC Systems

HPCC Systems (High Performance Computing Cluster) is part of the LexisNexis Risk Solutions and is HPCC big data software. In June 2011, it offers the software of an open source dual license model. [1] [2] [3] [4]

Hack / reduce

hack / reduce is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit created to grow a community of big data experts in the Boston area. [1] It is located in the historic Kendall Boiler and Tank Company building in Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts .

Groundhog Technologies

Groundhog Technologies is a privately held company founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. As a spin-off of MIT Media Lab , [1] [2] it was a semi-finalist in MIT’s $ 50k Entrepreneurship Competition in 2000 and was incorporated the following year. [3] [4] The company received the first round of financing from major Japanese corporations and Their venture capital arms in November 2002, Marubeni , Yasuda Enterprise Development… More →

GridGain Systems

GridGain Systems is a privately held information technology company, established in 2007, with its headquarters located in Foster City, California . It provides software and services for large data systems by utilizing in-memory computing to increase data throughput and minimize latency .


Greenplum was a big data analytics company headquartered in San Mateo , California . Greenplum was acquired by EMC Corporation in July 2010. [1] Starting in 2012 its database management system software became known as the Pivotal Greenplum Database sold through Pivotal Software and is currently being developed by the Greenplum Database and open source community Pivotal.


Flytxt BV is a customer data analytics software product company. [4] The company has its headquarters in Amsterdam , Netherlands offices in Dubai and India and regional presence in Paris , London , Singapore , Nairobi , and Mexico City .


Databricks is a company founded by the creators of Apache Spark , [1] which aims to help customers with cloud-based big data processing using Spark. [2] [3] Databricks grew out of the AMPLab project at UC Berkeley, which was involved in making Apache Spark , a distributed computing framework built atop Scala . Databricks Develops a web-based platform for working with Spark That Provides automated cluster management and IPython -style notebooks . In addition to building the Databricks platform, the company is… More →


cVidya Networks is a provider of big data analytics for communications and digital service providers . cVidya’s market includes business protection and business growth, including revenue insurance , fraud management, marketing analytics and data monetization . The company has 300 employees in 18 countries and has over 150 customers. cVidya’s investors include Battery Ventures , Carmel Ventures , Hyperion, StageOne, Saints Capital and Plenus.


CtrlShift is a Singapore- headquartered programmatic marketing company. It was founded in January 2015 from the merger of three advertising technology companies: AdzCentral scientific media buying platform; digital consultancy Better; and ad-tech distribution company Asia Digital Ventures. [1]

Cambridge Technology Enterprises

Cambridge Technology Enterprises is a global IT services company. The company is predominantly US focused and serves companies like Schneider Electric, Hills Pet, Iron Mountain. Cambridge Technology Enterprises helps organizations through AI leveraging , big data , cloud & machine learning. The company was also recently assessed at CMMI v1.3 Level 5 with ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 27001: 2005 certifications. The company has a workforce of 350 with offices… More →

Big Data Scoring

Scoring Big Data is a cloud-based Service That lets consumer loan Lenders Improve quality and acceptance rates through the use of big data . The company was founded in 2013 and has offices in UK , Finland , Chile , Indonesia and Poland . The company ‘s services are aimed at all lenders – banks , payday lenders , peer – to – peer lending platforms , microfinance providers and leasing companies . [1]

Partenariat Big Data

Big Data Partnership était une société spécialisée dans les services professionnels de big data basée à Londres , Royaume-Uni. Il fournit des services de conseil, de formation certifiée et de soutien aux entreprises basées en Europe, au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique .


Axtria is a New Jersey- based technology company that develops and markets cloud-based data analytics services and solutions for business. [4] The company’s software is embedded into commercial processes to analyze data and provide insights. [5] The company is headquartered in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey , and has additional locations in California , Arizona, Georgia , Virginia , and Ireland and development centers in Boston , Chicago and Gurgaon, India . [6] [7] [3]

Alpine Data Labs

Alpine Data Labs is an advanced analytics interface working with Apache Hadoop and big data . [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] It provides a collaborative, visual environment to create and deploy analytical workflow and predictive models. [7] [8] This AIMS to make analytics more suitable for business analyst level staff, sales and other departments like using the data, Rather than Requiring a “data engineer” or “data scientist” Who Understands languages like MapReduce or Pig . [2] [9] [10]


Lucidworks is a San Francisco, California -based enterprise search technology company offering an application development platform, commercial support, consulting, training and value-add software for open source. Apache Lucene and Apache Solr . Lucidworks is a private company founded in 2007 as Lucid Imagination and Publicly lancé on January 26, 2009. The company Was renamed to Lucidworks on August 8, 2012. [1] The company received Series A funding from Granite Ventures and Walden International in… More →