Carriots is an Application hosting and development platform ( Platform as a Service ) specially designed for projects related to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M). Enables data collection of goods objects (the things part), store it, builds powerful applications with few lines of code and integration IT systems (the internet part). Carriots provides a development environment, APIs and hosting for IoT projects development.

It is free to start then pay for use. [1] Carriots announced by Altair Engineering on June 20, 2017. [2]


  • Device management : Remotely maintain, control and interact with devices regardless of their location. Check status, change configurations, enable / disable or upgrade devices’ firmware.
  • Listeners : When data is received, when it is stored, when a device is connected or disconnected … all those events allow a reaction with IF-THEN-ELSE structures. Groovy [3] expressions are evaluated and executed to build business logic in IoT projects.
  • Rules : Complex scripts, reusable pieces of code or simple ready to use logic. Rules are Groovy scripts stored ready to be used in Listeners.
  • Triggers : Pushes data to an external system with Carriots’ triggers. A method to implement data brokerage.
  • SDK application engine : Listeners and rules, both are executed by Carriots SDK engine. Sandboxing Java execution threads to keep secure and efficient. All the DB is accessible from the scripts.
  • Data export : Integrate with other IT systems, export files creation, data push to other databases or REST API use to manage outbound data.
  • Custom alarms : Alarms are created by Carriots when something goes wrong. Custom Alarms creation and management are used to notify, acknowledge and report for custom notifications flow.
  • Debug and logs : Developing tools.
  • Customer hierarchy levels : To keep projects organized with different visibilities. 7 level hierarchy, starting at Customer down to Devices.
  • API key management : API access is controlled by API keys. Fine grained privilege and visibility management.
  • User management : Corporate users can manage other user accounts to manage projects or to define custom defined privileges and visibility.
  • Custom control panel : Custom control panel creation with any technology to manage all Carriots entities using REST API.


Any commercial, open or custom made hardware is compatible with Carriots. It needs to have Internet connectivity and talk to a REST API. Tested hardware compatible:

  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Beagle Bone
  • Cubie Board
  • TST Gate
  • TST Mote
  • Cloudgate
  • Nanode

See also

  • JSON
  • XML


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