Venice Time Machine

The Venice Time Machine is a large international project launched by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and the Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice in 2012 that aims to build a multidimensional collaborative model of Venice by creating an open digital archive of the cultural city heritage covering more than 1,000 years of evolution. [1] The project aims to trace circulation of news, money, commercial goods, migration, artistic and architectural patterns among others to create a Big Data of the Past. Its fulfillment would represent the largest database ever created on Venetian documents. [2]The project is an example of the new area of ​​scholar activity that has emerged in the Digital Age: Digital Humanities . Continue reading “Venice Time Machine”

Social media mining

Social media mining is the process of representing, analyzing, and extracting actionable patterns and trends from raw social media data . The term “mining” is an analogy to the resource extraction process of miningfor rare minerals. Resource extraction mining requires mining companies to sift through vast quanities of raw minerals; Likewise, social media “mining” requires human data analytics and automated software programs to sift through massive amounts of raw social media data (eg, social media usage, online behavior, sharing of content, connections between individuals, online buying behavior, etc.). ) in order to discern patterns and trends. These and other methods (or, for companies, new products, processes and services). Continue reading “Social media mining”

Social Credit System

The Social Credit System is a proposed Chinese government initiative [1] [2] [3] for developing a national reputation system . It has been reported to assign to “social credit” rating to each citizen based on government data and their economic and social status. [4] [3] [5] [6] [7] It works as a mass monitoring tool and uses the big data analysis technology . [8] In addition, it is also meant to operate on the Chinese market. [9] Continue reading “Social Credit System”

Session (web analytics)

In web analytics , a session , or visit is a unit of measurement of a user’s actions taken within a period of time or with regard to completion of a task. Sessions are also used in operational analytics and provision of user-specific recommendations . There are two primary methods used to define a session time-oriented approaches based is continuity in user activity and navigation-based approaches based continuity is in a chain of requested pages. Continue reading “Session (web analytics)”

Security visualization

Security Visualization is a subject that broadly covers the aspect of Big Data , Visualization , Human perception and Security . Each day, we are collecting more and more data in the form of data files. Big Data Mining Techniques Like Map Reduce help narrow the search for meaning in data. Data visualization is a data analytics technique, which is used to engage the human brain while finding patterns in data. Continue reading “Security visualization”

Data literacy

Data literacy is the ability to read, create and communicate data and has been formally described in varying ways. Discussion of the skills inherent to data literacy and feasible instructional methods-have Emerged as data collectionBecomes routinized and talk of data analysis and Big Data HAS Become commonplace in the news, business, [1] government [2] and society in countries across the world . [3] Continue reading “Data literacy”